Streamline your sales and attract more residents!

An easy-to-use tool that allows future residents and their families to discover your assisted living and care facilities in an accessible way.

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A 360° tool to showcase your care facilities

Helps people find their ideal residential care center
Walks visitors through life in their new home and community
Encourages future residents and their families to get in touch
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A lead generator for your assisted living facilities

Helps future residents find their ideal assisted living facility
Informs them about accommodations, facilities and the surrounding area
Enables you to create personalized presentations
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Showcase your care and living facilities

Make future residents and their families feel at home by familiarizing them with your accommodations, facilities, services and staff. A simple storyline gives visitors a personal, true-to-life impression of what their life will look like in their new home and community.

Streamline your sales process

Future residents and their loved ones can explore your care and living facilities in a low-threshold way, anywhere and anytime. Several calls to action, brochures and contact options capture lead information for your sales team to follow up on. Personalized presentations allow for an even more in-depth sales approach.

Matches your corporate identity

Everything is fully tailored to match your corporate branding and communication channels, resulting in an accessible and visually pleasing experience for the visitor. It makes this tool a fully integrated part of your communication and marketing strategy.


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We're very proud of our new tool! It helps people find their ideal assisted living residence with a virtual visit. An excellent realization in cooperation with Youreka!

Joke Van Der Cruyssen –  i-mens

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