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An interactive care tool that informs visitors and helps patients feel at ease by walking them through your procedures and facilities.

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360° patient care tool

Informs and comforts your patients in an interactive way
Visualizes treatments and procedures
 Matches the look & feel of your website
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Inform & comfort your patients

Help your patients and visitors feel at ease by walking them through your facilities and procedures, every step of the way. The tool allows them to become familiarized with your services and staff, taking away a large part of their stress and uncertainty.

Visualize treatments & procedures

The tool visualizes treatments and procedures, informing patients and visitors in a universally accessible way. This helps them feel at ease, but also provides them with a first answer to any questions or concerns, effectively relieving the workload of your staff.

Matches your corporate identity

Everything is fully tailored to match your corporate branding and communication channels, resulting in an accessible and visually pleasing experience for the visitor. It makes this tool a fully integrated part of your communication and marketing strategy.


Click below to discover the treatments and facilities at Brussels IVF and Rondom Zwanger.

Many of our patients find it overwhelming to visit a large fertility center like ours for the first time.Thanks to Youreka’s virtual tour, we can lower these barriers. They can take a look behind the scenes to see how things are done in our lab, a place they would otherwise not be able to visit.

Prof. Dr. Herman Tournaye – Head of Department Fertility – Gynecology

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