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Show, don't tell

Generate leads and engage your prospects by showing them what you have to offer instead of telling them what they can expect.

Personal touch

Dynamic and personalized communication elevates the buying experience for your prospects and helps you close more deals.

Look & feel

By tailoring our tools to match your look & feel, they feel familiar from the start and perfectly blend into your current digital strategy.

Custom sales portal

Offer prospects the best buying experience possible by bundling their attachments in a customized sales portal.
Set up and monitor everything in your easy-to-use dashboard.‌

Housing 360° preview

Enhance your housing presentation with an immersive 360° preview for potential buyers/renters to fully experience your properties. Empower your sales team with our innovative tools to confidently seal the deal and boost your sales.

Investor Presentation

Discover our interactive presentation tool for housing investors. High-quality renders, immersive 360° previews, engaging videos and more enable investors to experience your properties in a realistic way, helping them make informed decisions.

Youreka is the perfect partner in our Digital First approach. The 360° tours of Upkot and Upliving allow visitors to digitally explore our projects. Youreka’s flexibility and creativity is a much appreciated added bonus.

Nils Vanhauwaert – COO Upgrade Estate

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Kasper De Wulf
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