Boost reservations through your own website

An interactive tool that stimulates visitors to book their stay directly through your website and boosts commission-free reservations.

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A presentation tool for your hotel

Increases the amount of online reservations through your own website
Informs your future guests about available accommodations and facilities
Matches your corporate identity
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Increases online reservations

Boost your reservations by helping your guests visualize their stay. The interactive tool stimulates visitors to take action through various forms, buttons and calls to action. A nifty dashboard even allows you to evaluate how your experience is performing and adjust it to optimize for conversions.

Informs your future guests

The tool not only enables you to showcase your accommodations but also informs future guests about your services, facilities and rates. It gives visitors just enough of a sneak peek to reach out to you or immediately book their stay through your website.

Matches your corporate identity

Everything is fully tailored to match your corporate branding and communication channels, resulting in an accessible and visually pleasing experience for the visitor. It makes this tool a fully integrated part of your communication and marketing strategy.


Click below to discover how aparthotel The Hide is attracting guests through an interactive 360° experience.

Top-notch quality, exquisite service, and an easy-to-use, beautiful product to showcase my aparthotel to my customers!

Barbara Symons -  owner The Hide, Ghent

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