The power of storytelling in 360°

March 29, 2022
Nothing moves people like a good story. Studies show that we are far more impacted by feelings than data when making decisions. This makes storytelling an incredibly powerful marketing strategy, one that’s very easily (and perhaps best) executed through interactive 360° experiences

Stories create a connection

Through story, we connect at an emotional level. This emotion-bridge from brand to customer forms bonds that are stronger and more compelling than traditional motivators such as price, extra features or loyalty programs.

Some of the most successful brands like Apple, Nike, and Airbnb are using storytelling to connect with their customers on a deeper level.  We also retain more through stories.

A study performed by the London School of Business showed that people retain 65 to 70 % of information shared through stories, while only 5 to 10 % of information is retained through dry presentation of data and statistics.

Using personal stories of real employees helps the visitor connect on a personal level.

Telling your story increases your ROI

You can create a considerable ROI by giving people a reason to identify with your product or service. Through story, you can show your target audience how your product or service is meaningful to them.

According to research by Headstream, if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in the future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately. Studies also show that companies with a strong story to tell grow their revenue four times faster

Storytelling through virtual experiences

Interactive 360° experiences are the perfect tool to tell your story since it lets your audience experience the story from a first-person point of view. This shift from viewer to experiencer automatically makes the audience feels more connected. Using custom experiences can strengthen that connection.  

A personalized welcome message to interact with the visitor on a personal level.

Interactive 360° experiences enable you to take your audience on a linear behind-the-scenes journey of your product or service. It helps your client to understand how your product works and why it can be valuable to them. 

This storyline showcases each of the different steps in their production chain.

A virtual teaser gives prospective clients a quick overview of what you have to offer. You get to show off your best assets while giving your audience just enough of a sneak peek to make them want to explore further. 

Visitors see a preview of the different types of facilities and get the chance to request more information in the final step.

Different configurations allow you to create various storylines. One storyline might tell the history of the company while another guides you through the production process.

At ABC Engines, visitors can choose a specific path they're interested in.

Wayfinding solutions make sure your clients and suppliers easily find their way to your location.

The Rondom Zwanger 360° experience guides visitors to the maternity ward.

By now it should be clear that 360° experiences offer countless opportunities to engage with your audience through storytelling.

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