Increase your ROI with customized 360° experiences

March 25, 2022
Return on Investment is one of the most important performance indicators of every marketing campaign. And it is no different with campaigns that include virtual experiences. Research has proven that personalization in marketing, sales, and presentations increases ROI. Naturally, personalizing and customizing your virtual experience will also lead to higher profits

Personalization = profitable!

Personalization adds a touch of intimacy to our experiences. It makes marketing messages automatically feel more relevant and make your audience more likely to convert.

Besides improving your conversion rate, personalization in digital marketing can also help drive revenue. A customized approach shows that you understand who your audience is and what they want.

Consumers do not only want customized content, they expect it. Recent studies by McKinsey found that:

Source: McKinsey

Source: McKinsey

On the other hand, we see that 63% of Digital Marketing Leaders Still Struggle with Personalization.

That's why we've equipped our dashboard with some handy tools that let you create a personalized custom experience in a couple of clicks.

Customizing your 360° experience

Because they're interactive, virtual tours are more engaging than traditional marketing media. This gives you the opportunity to connect with viewers on a more intimate level and make them stick around longer.

Thanks to our custom experiences, you can customize and modify certain elements of your 360° experience to create a better, more personal user experience for your prospects.

A custom experiences is a copy of your 360° experience that you can easily create from your YOUREKA! dashboard. In this copy, you can fill in prospect information (name, company, etc...) or graphics (logo, banner, etc...) which will be displayed throughout the custom experience.

Fill in customer details and create a custom experience in a couple of clicks.

Endless possibilities

Custom experiences enable you to:

• include a prospect's name and logo to the start screen. You can include a personal welcome or title by using a subtitles and change the background visual to something relatable.

Custom start screen with a personalized logo and title.

Customized start screen including the name of the prospect and his company's logo

place (animated) logo's or images on certain displays and billboards throughout your virtual tour. This is a great way to give prospective sponsors a visual reference of what their advertising would look like at a certain place.

Simulate advertising possibilities by easily placing logos or graphics like the YOUREKA! logo in this case.

• Configure a popup so that it shows one of your team members and a personal welcome message. As such, you can make sure the contact person in the contact form is always a familiar face.

Display a customized personal welcome from a specific account manager

• include a personalized quote that's tailored to the needs of a specific prospect.

Include a personal price quote based on the needs of the prospect.

• and do so much more!

The best part? Once you’ve created a satisfying custom experience that is tailored to a specific target customer or market segment, you can easily copy it, change a couple of parameters and continue using it for other prospects as well.

 Discover an example below!

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