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Enhancing Football Hospitality with 360° Experiences

May 22, 2024
In the competitive world of professional football, providing an exceptional hospitality experience is essential for engaging VIP guests, sponsors, and fans. However, showcasing your stadium's hospitality offerings and various packages without in-person visits can be challenging. The solution lies in immersive, interactive 360° experiences. These virtual tours offer a true-to-life exploration of your facilities, enabling prospects, partners, and customers to discover the full range of hospitality options available.

What Are 360° Experiences?

360° experiences are immersive virtual tours that allow users to explore spaces as if they were physically present. By utilizing high-quality, true-to-life 360° photos, these virtual tours provide an engaging and realistic way to showcase stadiums, VIP lounges, private suites, and other hospitality areas.

Discover the future of football hospitality with immersive 360° virtual tours that showcase your stadium's business offerings.

Key Features of 360° Experiences

  • High-Quality Visuals: True-to-life 360° photos offer a realistic view of the hospitality areas.
  • Interactive Navigation: Users can navigate through the experience using a timeline at the bottom of the screen and buttons at the top, allowing easy access to different packages and locations.
  • Info Markers: Clickable markers provide additional information about specific features, amenities, and services included in each package.
  • Lead Capture and Brochure Downloads: Capture contact and lead information through contact forms, and allow visitors to download brochures after submitting their details.

Sales Tool and Lead Generator

Active Sales Tool

360° experiences can be utilized actively by sales representatives during meetings to provide an immersive and engaging presentation of hospitality offerings. This allows sales reps to guide prospects through the facilities and answer questions in real-time, making it a powerful sales tool.

Utilize 360° virtual tours during sales calls to engage prospects with a realistic stadium experience.

Passive Lead Generator

When used passively, 360° experiences can be placed on the team's website, allowing interested parties to explore everything at their own pace. In this scenario, the tool serves as an effective lead generation tool by capturing contact information and facilitating follow-ups.

Use 360° virtual tours as a lead generator by prominently placing them on your website to capture visitor interest and contact details.

Benefits of 360° Experiences in Football Hospitality

Visual Engagement

360° experiences provide an engaging visual journey through your hospitality offerings. Potential guests can explore suites, lounges, and other facilities from the comfort of their own homes, capturing their interest and making them more likely to book hospitality packages.

Promote visual engagement with stunning views from our 360° tours, like this restaurant overlooking the pitch.

Detailed Package Information

By clicking on info markers, visitors can access detailed information about what's included in each hospitality package. This includes meal options, types of seats, and other amenities, helping them make informed decisions.

Provide detailed package information through pop-up overlays, showcasing amenities and contact options.

Easy Navigation

The intuitive navigation options, such as a timeline and top-screen buttons, allow users to seamlessly explore different packages and locations. This user-friendly approach ensures that potential customers can easily find the information they need.

Easily navigate 360° experiences with intuitive timeline navigation to find exact locations.

Lead Generation

360° experiences are equipped with lead capture forms and brochure download options. Football teams can collect valuable contact information from interested visitors, facilitating follow-ups and conversions.

Capture leads with contact forms integrated into 360° tours, allowing visitors to request more information.

Showcasing Every Aspect of Football Hospitality with 360° Experiences

VIP Lounges and Suites

Showcasing VIP lounges and suites through 360° experiences allows potential guests to explore these exclusive areas in detail. They can see the layout, amenities, and view from their seats, helping them make an informed decision.

Let visitors explore your luxurious VIP lounges and skyboxes with our immersive 360° virtual tours.

Event Spaces

360° experiences can be used to promote event spaces within the stadium, such as conference rooms, banquet halls, and meeting rooms. This can attract corporate clients looking to host events in a unique and prestigious location, showcasing the versatility and elegance of their facilities for corporate events, weddings, and other special occasions.

Showcase versatile event spaces within the stadium to attract corporate clients and special events.

Matchday Experience

Football clubs can enhance the matchday experience by providing virtual tours of the stadium, including areas like the players' tunnel, locker rooms, and pitch-side views. This can create excitement and anticipation for guests.

Provide fans with a behind-the-scenes look at exclusive areas to offer them a virtual matchday experience.

Hospitality Packages

Detailed 360° experiences can be created for different hospitality packages, showcasing the various options available to guests. This can help potential buyers compare and choose the package that best suits their needs, from private suites to shared lounges, each with detailed information about the benefits and services included.

Highlight specific hospitality packages with detailed 360° views of seating and amenities.

Gamification for Enhanced Engagement

Incorporating gamification into the 360° hospitality experience can further activate visitors, prospects, and clients. Gamified elements, such as search quests or interactive challenges, can be embedded within the virtual tour to engage users in a fun and competitive way. For instance, visitors might participate in a scavenger hunt, discovering hidden features or collecting points by clicking on info markers. This not only makes the experience more enjoyable but also encourages users to spend more time exploring, increasing their familiarity with the offerings and their likelihood of conversion. Gamification is available as an optional add-on to enhance the overall experience.

Activate visitors with gamified elements, such as a hidden ticket search within the 360° experience.

Engage users with gamification instructions and tips to enhance exploration and interaction.


360° experiences are revolutionizing football hospitality by providing an immersive and interactive way to showcase facilities and services. By enhancing visual engagement, providing detailed package information, facilitating easy navigation, generating leads, and incorporating gamification, these virtual tours are becoming an essential tool for football clubs looking to offer top-notch hospitality. Embrace the power of 360° experiences and elevate your football hospitality to new heights.

Discover the potential of 360° experiences in football hospitality and transform your guest experience today!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information about how 360° experiences can benefit your football club.

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