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Customer Case: RAI Amsterdam

March 28, 2022
Interactive 360° experiences are proven to offer the ideal solution to rent out amazing locations. MICE venues are a specific type of business that can benefit greatly from this type of 360° visits. Our tools support organizers who are looking for the most suitable location for their next event. Exhibitors and visitors can also use the application to help them prepare for an upcoming event. This blog post demonstrates how we're helping RAI Amsterdam inform organizers, exhibitors and visitors from the Netherlands and abroad.

Showcasing RAI's facilities

With an astonishing total of 178 different event spaces, RAI Amsterdam is by far the biggest event location in all of the Benelux. This wide range of facilities can make it quite challenging for organizers to find the most suitable location within the complex. Because regular photos and videos don't provide the spatial insight that organizers often need when planning an event, we created a tool that allows online visitors to discover every single location in 360°.

Each of the event locations is captured in 360° to help organizers, exhibitors and visitors get a better spatial understand of the venue.

A total of 250 360° photos, 210 regular photos, 140 factsheets, and 178 descriptive texts contribute to explaining the options for the different spaces in various layouts. It's the ultimate way to showcase large (and small) event locations to organizers, exhibitors, and visitors.

Relevant practical information about each of the event spaces is just one click away.

Interactive 3D floor plan

Because of the large offering of different spaces, we wanted to make it as intuitive as possible for visitors to navigate throughout the center. That is why we included an interactive 3D floor plan that helps people choose which location within the complex they would like to visit virtually.

The interactive map is also a helpful tool to help visitors orient themselves in and around the extensive RAI premises.

An interactive floor plan offers a bird's-eye view and lets visitors easily and quickly navigate between event spaces.

Intuitive search tool

Besides the interactive 3D floor plan, we developed a handy search tool to help prospects find the ideal event space for their event based on a number of parameters. Online visitors can select a specific room type or event type and be presented with search results that match their needs. Additionally, several facility tags have been added to support search functionality even further. Location characteristics such as natural light, climate control, wardrobe, and many more can be selected to further narrow down the results and make the search for the perfect event location a more pleasurable experience. 

Visitors can easily find the event space that matches their needs thanks to a handy filter tool.

Lead Generation

The RAI Amsterdam 360° experience also functions as an online lead generation tool. Interested visitors can easily get in touch with the team through several calls to action and contact forms. 

Contact forms are used to collect lead information throughout the 360° experience.

Social campaign

RAI Amsterdam announced the launch of the 360° experience with a (social) media campaign. A press release was sent out to announce the innovative solution and several social media outlets were used to share demo videos like the one shown here. The experience itself can be found on the RAI Amsterdam website and works on all device types (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Supplementary functionalities such as wayfinding and webinars will be added later this year and will continue to provide extra added value for the Dutch event location.

Discover RAI Amsterdam below

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