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Customer Case: MECC Maastricht

May 29, 2024
In the vibrant event industry, venues like MECC Maastricht are continually seeking innovative ways to showcase their spaces and engage potential clients, event visitors, and exhibitors. Traditional methods, while useful, often fall short in providing a complete and immersive experience. To address this, MECC Maastricht adopted our cutting-edge 360° virtual tour, offering a dynamic solution to inform, reach, and engage audiences like never before.

The Solution: A 360° Virtual Tour

Our 360° virtual tour technology provides an immersive, interactive experience that allows clients to explore the venue in detail from anywhere in the world, at any time. This innovative solution not only showcases the venue's versatility and capabilities but also enhances engagement with potential clients and event participants. Let’s delve into how this solution works and the significant benefits it offers.

Try out the interactive experience below:

Let’s explore how virtual tours, such as the one for MECC Maastricht, work and the substantial benefits they provide. For event locations, virtual tours offer a way to reach more organizers and showcase their spaces effectively. For organizers, virtual tours help them easily find the perfect event space.

Benefits of the 360° Virtual Tour

Enhanced Visibility and Engagement

By offering a detailed and interactive exploration of MECC Maastricht, our 360° virtual tour enhances the venue’s visibility and engagement. Prospects, event visitors, and exhibitors can explore every corner of the venue, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and configurations.

Streamlined Lead Generation

Integrated contact forms and conveniently placed call-to-action buttons streamline the lead generation process. Prospects can easily inquire about bookings or schedule on-site visits directly through the virtual tour. These call-to-action buttons lead to contact forms placed at the end of the timeline and within info markers, making the virtual tour a powerful sales tool.

Call-to-action buttons open convenient contact forms that enable visitors to get in touch for inquiries and bookings.

Increased Client Confidence

Transparency is key to building trust. The virtual tour allows clients to explore the venue at their own pace, providing a clear and honest view of what MECC Maastricht has to offer. This builds confidence and reduces the uncertainty often associated with booking large event spaces.

Unrestricted and Flexible Access

Unlike traditional tours, our virtual tours are available 24/7, providing unrestricted access regardless of ongoing events or external factors. This flexibility ensures that MECC Maastricht is always available for viewing, making it easier for prospects to plan their events.

The 360° Virtual Tour Experience

Intuitive Timeline Navigation

One of the standout features of our virtual tour is the intuitive timeline navigation. Positioned at the bottom of the screen, this tool enables users to easily move through different areas of MECC Maastricht, such as the North Hall, South Hall, Auditoriums, Congress Center, and the Euro Center. This seamless navigation provides a comprehensive overview of the venue.

The intuitive timeline navigation at the bottom allows seamless exploration of different areas.

Interactive Floor Plan

Our interactive floor plan further enhances the user experience. Prospects can click on various parts of the floor plan to be virtually transported to those locations within MECC Maastricht. This interactive element ensures a detailed exploration of the venue’s layout and specific areas of interest.

An interactive floor plan pop-up helps users navigate through MECC Maastricht with ease.

Dynamic Room Configuration

Another innovative feature is the ability for users to interact with the venue's configuration options. For instance, users can click a button to open or close a separation wall, transforming a large meeting room into two smaller rooms or vice versa. This functionality demonstrates the flexibility of the spaces and helps clients visualize different room setups.

Smart Filtering System

To make the search process even more efficient, our virtual tour includes a smart filtering system. Visitors can input parameters such as surface space, height, and capacity. The system then displays matching event spaces, simplifying the process of finding the perfect area for their needs.

Visitors can search for their ideal event space by entering parameters that match their needs into the smart filtering system.

Informative Markers

Throughout the virtual tour, informative markers are strategically placed. When clicked, these markers reveal branded pop-ups containing detailed information about room amenities, square footage, height, and capacity in various setups (e.g., theater, round table). These pop-ups also feature floor plans and a contact form for easy lead generation.

Info markers provide comprehensive details, including square meters, height, and capacity, along with a short description.

Multiple View Options

A unique feature of our virtual tour is the ability to view event spaces in different states. Users can switch between seeing the halls empty or set up for an event, as well as viewing meeting rooms with and without seating arrangements. This can be done via a switch for two views or a dropdown menu for more than two views, providing both a blank canvas and inspirational setups.

Switch between an empty setup and an event or meeting setup to visualize how the large meeting room can be used.

Conclusion: Transforming Event Space Marketing

MECC Maastricht's adoption of our 360° virtual tour showcases the power of innovative technology in transforming event space marketing. This tool not only enhances visibility and engagement but also streamlines lead generation and increases client confidence. By providing an immersive, interactive, and detailed exploration of the venue, our 360° virtual tour sets MECC Maastricht apart in the competitive event industry.

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