Attract customers with 360° experiences

March 29, 2022
The increasingly popular marketing flywheel model proves that customers are the driving force of a business and can be used as promoters of your product. In a previous blog post, we already outlined how virtual experiences can support you throughout every stage of the flywheel. They're a great way to attract, engage, and delight your customers so that they become brand advocates. In this article, we’ll go into more detail on how you can attract customers using 360° experiences or virtual tours. 


Many of your website visitors are in the attract stage of the marketing flywheel when they visit your website. In this stage, it's crucial to attract visitors with useful content and try to eliminate barriers as they're learning about your company.

I you want to attract customers, you'll need their attention first. The key here is to earn their attention, not force it. Because of their visual nature, 360° experiences and virtual tours are real eyecatchers, often triggering a visitor to click on it just out of curiosity.

You can increase traffic to your virtual tour by posting about it on social media channels, blogging about it, using banners on your website, or including an image-link in your email footer. Another way is by prominently embedding it on your website.

Clear calls to action help direct visitors to the Nissan virtual showroom from the homepage.

Prominent website placement is crucial when attracting visitors.

Useful and relevant content

Another important part of attracting your target audience is by showing them content that’s useful and relevant.

The interactive element of 360° experiences invites visitors to discover the information they're looking for at their own pace, earning you their attention along the way. A 360° experience presents information about your product or service in a visual and structured way, helping visitors find and digest it at their own pace. You’re not just telling or showing a visitor what your product is about, you’re helping them find out for themselves.

As such, prospects are in the driver's seat and the information they're looking for is available at their fingertips.

This handy filter tool helps visitors find the event space they're looking for.

Useful information is presented to visitors throughout the virtual tour.

A 360° experience is able to visualize how your solution can solve the challenges your target audience is facing. Often, people need the extra push of seeing your product in action to become genuinely interested and acknowledge its potential. 

Educate visitors about the workings of your product (like this robotic packaging line for example).

Having been attracted to your product, visitors who find your content helpful and interesting may journey on to the next phase in the marketing flywheel to become engaged. Keep an eye out for our next blog post on how to engage customers with virtual experiences.

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