360° Experiences for Golf Clubs

March 7, 2022
A 360° experience of your golf club allows future members to discover your facilities in a virtual way and enables you to reach new members more quickly, efficiently, and in greater numbers. 

Stepping stone

A 360° experience of your golf club consolidates all relevant information about your club's courses and facilities into a straightforward story that the visitor can discover at their own pace.

What does each course look like? What lessons does the club offer? What facilities do I have access to once I become a member? What are the rates? Both new golfers and experienced players are provided with a first answer to these questions - anytime, anywhere.  

It's the ideal stepping stone to a physical visit or a meeting with a member of your sales team.   

Detailed information about each hole can be included in the 360° experience

Practical information about meeting and dining facilities

Lead generation

Virtual experiences are the ideal way to gather lead information. Visitors can reach out and ask questions through a contact form or submit their details in exchange for a downloadable piece of information like a brochure with pricing details or member benefits.

Interested parties can download rates, request a quote for a business event at the club, or book a tee time directly from within the tool.

Contact forms help collect lead information from visitors

Analytics dashboard

All collected lead information can be found in the Youreka dashboard, where your sales team can easily follow up on generated leads. 

The dashboard also lets you keep track of relevant analytics. You can monitor the amount of visitors, see which parts of the experience are getting the most views, and get insights about your conversion rate.

Our custom experiences tab in the dashboard lets you customize and personalize a copy of your 360° experience so you can walk potential members through their very own tailor-made virtual golf experience. 

Keep track of relevant analytics in your dashboard

Damme Golf case story

Damme Golf & Country Club was actively looking for a low-threshold way to reach new members online. At the same time, the club also wanted to debunk any misconceptions about golf being reserved for the elite by showing that everybody is welcome.

Thanks to our interactive 360° experience, visitors and guests can discover how they can start with golf, what business facilities the club offers, and what a first visit to the club would look like. Throughout these different storylines, pop-ups and buttons inform potential members about a particular course, procedure, or facility. 

A handy timeline at the bottom of your screen shows the different steps you go through when joining the club

One year after opening their doors virtually, Damme Golf & Country Club has reached over 2500 people, 8% of which converted to leads. Check out the video on the below to hear what Alexander Hautekiet, club manager at Damme Golf & Country Club, has to say about their experience.

 Discover an example below!

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