360° experiences for co-working spaces

March 28, 2022
Our interactive 360° experiences are proven to offer the ideal solution to rent out amazing locations. A specific type of business that can benefit greatly from 360° visits is coworking spaces. In some cases where co-working spaces are challenged with low occupation rates, our tools offer a fun and exciting way to inform prospects about the different available facilities, while giving them the chance to peek inside in 360°. This blog post explains how co-working spaces can benefit from incorporating a 360° experience in their sales and marketing strategy. 

Showcase your facilities

Interactive 360° experiences are the ultimate way to showcase the different facilities your co-working space has to offer. Forget about still images or videos as both are limited to a passive and one-dimensional experience whereas our 360° solutions stimulate interactivity and spark curiosity in your visitors.

Let your prospects discover your location at their own pace while providing them with relevant practical information throughout their virtual visit.

Visitors can discover every meeting, co-working, and event facility in a visual way.

All different aspects of shared business environments can be included in the experience; from the reception desk to parking. Visitors can easily navigate to each of the available facilities by using the overview at the bottom of the screen.

Whether they're looking for open or private offices, meeting & conference rooms, event spaces, or something else.

Practical information about each of the spaces is provided throughout the 360° experience.

Most co-working spaces are vibrant, lively, and attractively decorated. By showcasing your location in 360° you can ensure that online visitors get a great first impression of your location. Ideally, you want that first impression to inspire prospects to book a real-life intake interview and come set up shop.

Effective sales tool

Our 360° experiences for coworking spaces are more than just a way to look inside.

They're full-blown marketing and sales tools that actively stimulate lead generation and sales with call to action buttons that encourage online visitors to fill in contact forms or submit contact details for further follow-up.

Collect lead information through contact forms.

We enable online booking of offices, meeting rooms, and more with a simple click of a button from inside the 360° experience. Besides the direct booking feature, our solutions are equipped with contact and lead generation forms to support your inbound marketing strategy.

When prominently placed on your website, our experiences work as an inbound sales tool that online visitors can interact with and discover for themselves.

Alternatively, it can serve as a digital and visual catalog of all your coworking facilities for sales representatives (on the road).

Place the 360° experience prominently on your website for maximum reach.

CRM integration

In order to maximize the potential as a sales and marketing tool, we developed a CRM integration for our 360° experiences.

As a result, leads that are generated through contact forms from within our solutions can be fed directly into HubSpot or any other CRM. This integration doesn't only facilitate inbound marketing by feeding generated leads into your CRM, it also allows for outbound marketing.

You can easily send a personalized and customized 360° experience to all (or a specific subset) of the contacts in your CRM. Our dashboard generates a unique link for each prospect you choose to import and feeds this back as a parameter to your CRM for future use.

 Discover the MeetDisctrict showcase below!

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