10 Reasons Why Your Event Location Needs an Interactive 360° Experience

February 22, 2023
‍In today's digital age, event locations need to embrace innovative marketing and sales techniques to attract potential event organizers. Offering an interactive 360 experience is one such technique that can help event locations stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 compelling reasons why an event location can benefit from having an interactive 360 experience, ranging from increased engagement to better event planning and ultimately, increased revenue.

1. Realistic representation of your location

An interactive 360° experience provides the most realistic representation of the facilities, giving visitors an accurate sense of their size, layout, and capabilities. This can help visitors visualize how the facilities can be used for their event and make informed decisions about whether they are suitable for their needs. With a single click, visitors can switch between an empty space and a realistic representation of what the venue can look like when it's in use.

360° photography allows for the most realistic representation of your event venue.

2. Better way to inform Prospects

An interactive 360° experience helps visitors understand the layout, features and available amenities of the event location, giving them a clearer view of how a specific space can be used for their event. Relevant practical information is shown throughout the 360° experience, making it easier for event organizers to make a well-informed decision on whether to book the location or not.

Interactive 360° experiences enable prospects to retrieve relevant practical information about your event spaces.

Include existing fact sheets for prospects that are looking for more detailed practical information.

3. Collects lead information

Interactive 360 experience allow event locations to capture valuable lead information and contact details of prospective clients. Through contact forms and offering gated content such as brochures or price lists, we help event locations to collect and qualify leads more effectively.

Collected information can then be fed to your CRM and used for targeted marketing efforts, such as email campaigns or retargeting ads.

Capture lead information through contact forms.

4. Enables a personalized experience

Our interactive experiences can easily be personalized in many ways. To demonstrate your understanding of a prospect's unique needs, you have the option to customize an experience to display only the event spaces that are relevant to them. Include a personalized offer in the virtual visit to improve their buyer experience by making sure all relevant information is just one click away.

Incorporating the prospect's logo and name can help you cut through the noise and grab their attention, making them more likely to engage with your content and ultimately convert.

Include relevant images and your prospect's logo to increase relevance and engagement.

Easily create personalized experiences that only display event spaces that are relevant to your prospect.

5. Increases prospect engagement

With an interactive 360° experience, prospects have the opportunity to engage with the event venue in a way that surpasses what traditional photos or videos are capable. They can look around, click on buttons that display information, and more. This results in a more memorable experience that will capture their attention and maintain their interest for a longer time.

Interactive 360° experiences of event locations boost engagement by creating immersive and interactive exploration.

6. Offers greater flexibility

An interactive 360° experience provides event organizers with the flexibility to explore the event location at their own pace and from different angles.

It allows them to have more control over their experience and tailor it to their specific needs, helping them focus on the aspects of the location that interest them the most.

An interactive floor plan provides a birds eye view and lets visitors navigate quickly and easily between different spaces.

Visitors can use a handy filter to efficiently find the event space that suits their needs

7. Enhances your marketing

An interactive 360° experience can be used as a powerful marketing tool to showcase the event location and its unique features, attracting more event organizers. This can be especially helpful for reaching a wider audience through digital channels. Interactive 360° experiences can be shared online, via social media, and in email campaigns, reaching a wider audience at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

Additionally, making use of gamification aspects such as scavenger hunts can enhance marketing for event locations by creating interactive experiences that encourage attendees to explore, participate in activities, enter contact details and share their experience on social media, increasing attendance and engagement.

8. Time and cost savings

By offering an interactive 360° experience, event locations can save time and money associated with scheduling and conducting physical tours. Visitors can explore the space virtually from anywhere at any time, reducing or even eliminating the need for time-consuming physical tours.

Showcase every corner of your event location from the comfort of your tablet or computer.

9. Increases accessibility

Interactive 360° experiences are an accessible medium, allowing people from all over the world to explore an event location virtually. This makes it easier for people who live far away or who have mobility or transportation issues to see and experience the location without having to physically travel there and drastically improves how event locations reach a global audience.

Enable organizers to discover your event location from all over the world.

10. Enables better event planning

An interactive 360° experience can help event planners visualize how the event space can be used for their specific event, enabling them to make informed decisions about layout and design, and ensuring a seamless event execution.

Virtually exploring a location lets visitors get a better sense of the layout and size of any space, helping them visualize how it could be used for their specific event.

Online visitors can easily switch between an empty hall and an example of a space that's in use.

In conclusion, interactive 360° experiences can benefit event locations in numerous ways, from providing a realistic representation of the venue to collecting valuable lead information. These experiences allow for better prospect engagement, greater flexibility, and time and cost savings associated with physical tours. They can be used as a powerful marketing tool, enhancing accessibility and enabling better event planning. Overall, interactive 360° experiences are a must-have for event locations looking to stand out in a competitive market and attract potential event organizers.

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